Character Sheets

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Character Sheets

Postby sescry » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:54 pm

Character Sheets

Below are links to your full character sheets. Let me know if there are any mistakes. If you see a note in one of the fields that starts with "SR 4", the number that comes after is the page number in the rule book to check on that item/attribute. (e.g. "SR 4 90" will be on p.90)

(Dragon) Gun Templar
(ShadowCL4W) Indespectus
(Epikwaffle) Rykker
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby ShadowCL4W » Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:27 pm

My character sheet: ... RUdWM/edit

1. Indespectus

2. Michael stands at about 6 ft. tall and weighs around 174 lbs. He is fairly skinny and unshaven with a short goatee. He normally keeps his eyes covered so others cannot see the effects of his Novacoke abuse. He seems to have a dark aura around him, and the contrast between his pale skin and dark clothing give him a ghastly look. He seems like a ghost meandering through streets, about to fade away at any second.

3. Moderately addicted to Novacoke, Michael is occasionally jittery because of the drug and then sleeps for hours once the effects wear off.

shadowrun michael.jpg
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby EpikWaffle » Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:30 pm


Rykker looks like an average old elf, tall and skinny, standing at just a little less than 6 feet and weighing 175 pounds. He does not appear remarkably strong at all, but in no means scrawny. His black hair slightly covers his pitch black eyes that give a cold, unreadable stare. Dresses normally in pure black unless he's wearing his chameleon suit, and everything about him just gives off a vibe warning you to stay away.

Rykker tends to remain silent. He's antisocial, a sociopath if that's what you wish to call him. Words are just not his strong suit, he prefers a quick clean assassination rather than actual conversation. If he must speak, he keeps what he says short and sweet, without any unnecessary details or words.

The forum isn't allowing me to upload the .pdf with the post. Should I just email it to you?

I got your email - thanks (sescry)
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Dragon » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:42 pm

Using bounty hunter premade character.Allias Gun Templar and name Lucian.

His Lore ... 646552.jpg

When we took up these weapons, we accepted our mission with pride. Rid America of evil, they told us. Slay the corrupt. Send the filth of the world crawling back to the hole it crawled out of. Not just anyone can wield these weapons. You need a pure heart. A fearless mind. An inner light that outshines all the darkness in the world. Once I had that light. Now I'm not so sure.

Everything changed. We knew our mission was greater than ourselves. The enemy was not who we fought, but what we fought. Evil. The Seattle gangs? Just another mess to clean up, just a bunch of Orcs. They were abominations, but nothing we hadn't put in the ground before. Until the day we faced him. Until the day he ripped her from my life.

Now my enemy has a name. She wouldn't want me to come after her—she knew the risks. But I can't forget her. I won't forget her. I'll hunt down the villain who took her from me and send him straight to the grave.

Twice, if I have to.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby LemonPolice » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:47 pm

Alias: Lemonpolice
Descipription: Lemonpolice is a standard elf that lives in high class. His hair is very wavy and blond.
Notable qualities: likes cats, hates orks, mildly allergic to orks, dogs, and peanuts. He also has a SIN
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